Katie Laura Ashton

I’m a multi-skilled, multi-passionate creative. I love to collaborate with people & companies who seek out hand drawn details, white space and all things close to nature.

Illustration & Design

Illustrated details & images can set us apart from the rest and take our stories to another level out into the world. Here’s a few examples of what I create but I’m also open to bespoke projects.

  • editorial

  • hand drawn logos

  • portraits

  • maps

  • header images

  • posters

  • invitations


Enquire here.

Painted illustration portrait with flowers and hand lettering

Watercolour & ink paintings

Winsor and Newton paints and fine line pens by graphik are my favourites. I create from imagination or photographs. I take on client commissions. If you’re interested, get in touch here to discuss the details for your bespoke painting.

  • Bridal Bouquets

  • House portraits

  • Garden portraits

  • Life manifesto illustrations

  • Hands making/in the studio

  • Bespoke floral patterns


Over the last couple of years I’ve taught several workshops and it’s one of the greatest things, to be able to share my passion for creative living with others.

I teach workshops involving..

  • Floral watercolour & ink

  • Floristry practical & theory

  • Wreath making from scratch

  • Digitising artwork

For a group workshop or one to one, enquire here.

Do I still freelance as a florist?… Of course I do!