Day 9 of #30daysoffloristconfessions

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Day 9/30 of #30daysoffloristconfessions

When your bride hates her last minute bridesmaid gowns and pressures you into somehow fixing it with the flowers. A tough one. ⁣

We decide how many & what kind of red flags we’re willing to ignore when it comes to booking clients. ⁣

Deep down, I knew this one wasn’t for me but I did it for the money. And that’s the reality of it. There’s no set formula for knowing whether a potential client is the right one for you. Circumstances are different for all of us. We choose which ones to take on and when we do, we have to create and manage it to the very best we can. ⁣

The thing with floristry is from the outside it’s a creative business, everyone loves flowers right?!… What could be so hard? But with weddings and events comes quite a lot pressure for perfection and we meet challenges pretty much around every corner like trying to tone down a highlighter pink with a pink & white maids bouquet!! ⁣

In the long run, do I regret taking on this wedding? Nope. It was just another lesson & part of my journey to becoming a better florist & managing expectations. ⁣

Is there a wedding that sticks out in your mind like ‘oh yeh that one was tough’ ‘I knew it wasn’t for me but I took it on anyway!’ 


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