Day 30 of #30daysoffloristconfessions

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Day 30!! of #30daysoffloristconfessions⁣⁣
Dream clients exist. I know because I worked with a fair few of mine when I was doing weddings. It took a while for them to find me or for me to find them but it was worth the wait.⁣⁣
I remember this one clearly because the email took my breath away. And she was a dream to work with. She even uttered the words ‘You know what I love, do whatever you think, I trust you’ 💓 ⁣⁣
So for any florist out there who is questioning everything right now like - why do I keep getting bargain hunters, why can’t I get clients who want the style I love to create, why do I have clients who sort of scare me and they don’t trust me? Is it me? Am I shit?? How do they keep getting all the good clients & I get the ones who don’t really care about flowers??⁣⁣
Oh shit should I just give up? ⁣⁣
You’ll figure it out. Keep putting the work you love to create out into the world with passion and curiosity- like you’re wandering down the path of creation and discovery. Aka loosen your grip, have fun, make it contagiously fun. Hold your nerve and stick with your florist ways. Stop watching your ‘competition’ & emulating them, it’s all guesswork until something works and then repeat. But you gotta work out your own puzzle not theirs. ⁣⁣
Quit reinventing the wheel and just roll with it. Keep putting your work, your way of seeing & creating out into the world. And they’ll find you, slowly but surely. Believe me, believe in this, believe in yourself. ⁣⁣
Specifically… keywords, language, designs & images for your people- not for everyone, YOUR people. ⁣⁣
And consistency and patience.. like a turning wheel on a long journey, not in a split second bolt of lightening. 

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