Day 15 of #30daysof FloristConfessions

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Day 15/30 of #30daysoffloristconfessions

A few good years ago, before the wedding season was going to kick off, I was resisting the high of morphine in my hospital bed. I didn’t want to let go, I was too busy thinking, worrying, panicking about the upcoming wedding flowers I had to make within 2 weeks time. But then the nurse said something along the lines of ‘just let it all flow, let it do it’s work & take away the pain, just relax so your body can heal… let it flow, just let it flow over you’ And then I went on a yacht trip on clear blue, green water and with a beautiful breeze gently blowing my hair! ⁣

Then I woke up to a blank wall & window looking out on to the roof piping roof which is what I continued to stare out of for the next week. I remember even then, at my weakest with an infected foot I was resisting my need for help. But then I remembered, that it wasn’t even about me, it was about my clients expecting their bloody flowers we’ve been talking about for months! So I messaged @lou_4seasons who kindly helped me out by buying in my flowers for me. Luckily I was out of hospital to make them all & deliver them on the day just like nothing had happened. ⁣

I’m telling you this to remind you that no florist is an island! Either when your back is up against the wall or you’re just bloody exhausted, ask for help. And also I was soo chuffed that I had finished costing and planning all the materials for the wedding beforehand which lightened the whole situation massively. ⁣

Repeat :: No Florist is an Island. ⁣

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