Day 12 of #30daysoffloristconfessions

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Day 12/30 of #30daysoffloristconfessions

My amateur florist days of wearing thin jumpers, converse with socks as thin as tissue paper were short lived. With my youth & naivety I thought I understood the concept of dressing warm. I learned very quickly that in fact, I had no bloody idea!!⁣

I remember buying a pair of boots from York market for 20 quid, man I loved those boots and wore the shit out of them! I then added thermal socks, thermal leggings(not a fan of those though- tights work well and are comfier!) Long sleeved thermal tops are awesome too. ⁣

Over time I became a pro at dressing warm! 🙌🏻 But then a few years later, I went to go work in a flower that was somehow colder than the first and discovered that wrist warmers make such a difference especially with tucked in sleeves. ⁣

My confession is of my vision I had before I became a florist. We all did it right? Dreaming of cool outfits, perhaps some florals to look the part & beautiful colour palettes to represent my creativity. Little did I know that reality would be layers of black & feeling like the Michelin man a lot of the time! ⁣

*** I’m jealous of the fact there’s dungarees in lots of different fabrics for newbie florists to start their floristry journey in!


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