Hi, I’m Katie, an illustrator & florist. I’m based in gods own county, Yorkshire, UK where the land is greener than green and the cups of tea are plentiful. However, I’m an adventurer in the making, after recently cycling round Europe there’s now a van life project on the horizon.

I’ve been pursuing creativity in many different forms since I was at school, beginning with textile embellishment on to clothing design, then floristry & now illustration. The last 2 come hand in hand, they feed off each other. It’s awesome while I freelance in floristry I gain so much inspiration for my illustration stories & while I’m drawing them, I feel so much gratitude & love for the amazing flower industry I’m a part of. Creating within these 2 worlds gives me great perspective and courage to create & share in my own voice.

Creating art is essential for me, the very doing of it, the sitting down and writing notes, pondering which bits to include in the story or scrap completely and the anticipation & excitement when I put pencil to paper. But equally as great (yep- never overlook the actual making of!), is sharing my creations & building connections with fellow like minded people. My art has been described as ‘gutsy, funny’ ‘bang on, how do you do it?!’ ‘haha my life in a drawing’. I always know I’m on to something when I, myself giggle while drawing it out.

I built this new online shop for more space & time to delve deeper into the never ending well of inspiration that is florist life. And to live this life of creativity and adventure well.

Yeah this is my big aspiration- more giggles, more fun, more stories, more life, more oh me too’s.