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Things I did at lunch today..

Sketchbook illustration of things I did today

I took myself out for lunch today.. an outdoor lunch right near where I used to live. And it brought about memories and highlighted how I’ve changed over the last year. Life’s funny, we’re always changing as time passes. And also I’ve been feeling like I need to let the fuck go and live out my belief that what will be will be. And as I walked through the woods I felt exactly that while thinking about sweet fuck all but what my senses were telling me- the noise of quiet, smell of pine, warmth from the autumn air and the too many layers I was wearing and so much wild beauty 🙏🏻 my eyes didn’t want to miss a thing by blinking.

And this stem of honesty I foraged. There were several stems but I took just one. So fucking beautiful isn’t she??

Foraged stem of dried honesty

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