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Flower Spotting Around Chiang Mai

Orchid photo with illustration of lady and hand lettering


Being a florist n all, I set myself a little project of drawing the flowers I’d spotted while wandering around Chiang Mai. And researching the names of the ones I didn’t know barring a couple that I just couldn’t find on google. See my sketchbook below…


Sketchbook iIllustration of flower varieties spotted around Chiang Mai



Caesalpinia pulcherrima orange flower in Chiang Mai


And then I got to thinking about Audrey- the cool AF chick. She’d be intrigued and take her time to study each flower and have such gratitude for their beauty. And as she’s got her way of life down, she’d balance on the fine stamen strand of that orange red flower. With such ease, she’d just glide along as she is.


Illustrated lady looking into stamen of Canna nain 'Caballera'


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