Katie Laura Ashton

Yep. I’m writing a sort of illustrated memoir on my journey of becoming a florist, working in flowers shops, freelancing in the wedding industry and starting my own flower studio business.

It’s not a how-to book. But a book of funny stories as well as the moments of despair, the fuck ups and epic triumphs along with the mass of hindsight I’ve gained over the years.

I feel compelled to write all of this down, it just has to happen, in my own way. I feel so much for this wonderful industry. I believe becoming a florist brought me to life- without it, without all the people I’ve met and worked with, without all the things I’ve learnt, experienced and created with my bare hands..well I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I’ve already started writing… well I’ve restarted 3 times because I’ve been trying to make all this into something that it’s not supposed to be. So I’m stripping it back to what I need it to be- my reminiscing story of flowers, creativity & people with a whole load of notes in the margin for you of course.

If you’re intrigued, if this is something you’d love to read- then sign up to the list below that’s especially for us florists. If you join it’d be like a little supportive nudge to put my heart & passed 10 years on paper. And I’ll send you letters of encouragement for sure, as well as free to use imagery & pre-snippets of the book.

Thanks so much for being here. Katie xx