Day 4 of #30daysof FloristConfessions

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Day 4/30 of #30daysoffloristconfessions

First day at college, 11..12 years ago maybe. ⁣

I wish my tutor said something along the lines of… ⁣

“Floristry is not the easiest industry to make money in. If you’re thinking it is and that’s the only reason you’re here, then maybe have a little think. ⁣
But if you’re here because you love flowers and want to learn & delve in to the world of floral design with an open mind then stay. Being a florist is not easy, but it is fun and fulfilling!⁣
There’s no set path, no guaranteed success but if you stay here we’ll teach you all the basics and guide you to your next step but overall it is up to you to make your journey everything you want & need it to be. You could work up to opening your own shop or studio one day, or go work abroad or freelance while travelling the world. ⁣
Unless you allow it, your creative career will never be boring.⁣
…Now fill in your enrolment form.”⁣

** If you claim to be an educator, you have to be hopeful not defeated. ⁣

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