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Bangkok | The Flower Market

Bangkok Flower market orchids


Okay please don’t judge me on the quality of these photos. The lighting in Bangkok flower market wasn’t set up for instagram shots but nevertheless I really want to share these photos with you because as you can see it was mind blowing!


Pile of dendrobium orchidsDendrobium Orchids

As we well know orchids are like gold dust over here in the U.K as they’re imported from the other side of the world, we pay the price. So seeing piles and piles of them in a big heap on the tables was just incredible! I saw people buying bags full of these for a couple of pounds. Over here it’s more like £100’s of pounds for the quantities I saw people buying them in. I’m sure while I was ridiculously giddy the stall owners were thinking why is she so excited? I did wonder whether their orchids are like our daffodils. I mean daffodils are lovely but we take them for granted because they’re very accessible to us, one of our native flowers.

Pile of orange and pink orchidsMokara Orchids


We found this flower market while wandering around in China Town, Bangkok. I remember it was real humid that day and although the flower market was a little cooler it had that really warm flower shop smell which was delightful! Most of the stalls were on long rows for you to walk down and stop at every single one. Most stalls were orchids, marigolds but I did see a Heliconia stall and a beautiful foliage stall- I did take a picture but I can’t locate it right now. I think we were wandering around in there for an hour or so, I’m always mindful when Chris is with me as he doesn’t see what I see but still he’s very patient with me!


James storey orchids-Bangkok Flower Market


Tropical flower market stall, heliconiaHeliconia Stall

When we told people we were first going to Bangkok before Chiang Mai, some looked scared and others who know us well said we’d be overwhelmed and wouldn’t like it. But actually we loved it! I would go back for sure. It’s a hive of activity, it’s incredible for seeing so many things in one day, so much people watching- you would not believe. I think I surprised myself with how much I loved it as I am a quiet, countryside loving person but yeh Bangkok! I mean I don’t think I’d want to stay longer than a week or so at a time but it is a must go back for me. If you ever get the chance to go even for a layover like we did I’d highly recommend it and also the Shanghai Mansion hotel in China Town.


vanda orchid market stallVanda Orchids- Yo!!


Table with piles of orchidsMokara, Dendrobium & James Storey Orchids

Marigolds at Bangkok Flower MarketMarigold stall

There were marigold flowers everywhere in bags or being threaded. You’ll see them at the temples and adorning shrines and also made into little offerings which are placed on the floor outside buildings and street corners.


Flower market entrance in BangkokFlower Market somewhere in China Town, Bangkok

Where have you had your flowery mind blown? Please share your recommendation below 🙂

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