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Autumn Comforts Illustration




Really when you actually think about it, Autumn is a tough time of year. Everything retreats for the upcoming period of dormancy. The mornings are dark and the nights draw in earlier & earlier, we all know what’s coming..

YET there are lots of things in Autumn that make life so beautifully bitter sweet. Nostalgia is in the air and the sense of relief that summer is in fact over and it’s time to wrap up warm, feed ourselves with warm carby food and curl up with a good book. Questioning whether we made the most of summer? Whether we took the time to really appreciate the warmth on our skin and went on enough summer evening walks? When we’re freezing our arses off in the depths of winter.. no it’s never enough!

Anyway here are some things I enjoy most about this time of year. I posted this on instagram a few days ago and someone asked if there’s one of these for every season- no not right now but it’s been added to the list. Thank you.


You can buy this as a printable download from my etsy shop here. 

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