Katie Laura Ashton

I grew up in Harrogate, Yorkshire UK, among open fields and cups of tea.

At the start of my adult life I became a florist. I think flowers brought me to life in a matter of speaking, as they put me in tune with natures seasons and I started noticing the delightful botanical details all around me. I also felt so much joy from making things with my bare hands and learning so much about flowers and plants. It was a whole new world to delve into and I went for it head first.

My ten year flowery path of British grown flowers, Amsterdam trips, wild-wild bouquets like you wouldn’t believe.. all led me to sitting on my sun filled living room floor in spring ’16 and painting a purple sweet pea. Since then I’ve been homing my voice, experimenting with different mediums and illustration styles. But my heart knows when I paint, time slips by & everything else falls away.

I share my experiences through my illustrated journal pages and I paint for the love of flowers, our forever evolving stories and the beauty of merging paint colours with a watery brush. I sell high quality prints & originals through my Etsy shop and work with companies and one to one clients who seek expressive, whimsy art & illustration to adorn products, blogs and websites.

Each day I seek my own kind of creative life with gratitude, expression, ease and a connection to nature.

Lady in flower field

Me in a flower field of cosmos in Chiang Mai. 2017

To thrive and feel alive, I create.

Rebel from the blueprint

and seek the wild

with ink and paint.