Katie Laura Ashton

I’m a creative from England. I illustrate things, paint flowers mostly, write about this creative life and arrange fresh flowers and foliage while drinking cups of tea (several).

Photo collage of sunset, portrait and fern painting

I believe you can do all sorts of things as long as it’s you behind it all.. your voice, thought & feeling.

I’ve been a florist for a decade, living and breathing fresh flowers. I got started by working in the local flower shop while going to college. After a good few years working for a few different flower shops, I started my own wedding flower business 4 years ago. I could not wait to make my own decisions, get out and about in the real world and create the florals I’d been dreaming of. The last two years have been the most varied of my floristry career as I’ve freelanced for other florists and taught floral workshops. They’ve been the time of my floristry life.

One day in Spring 2016 I felt a calling to paint. So a week and an Amazon order later I picked up a paintbrush, soaked it in lilac watercolour and painted a sweet pea. It’s unusual for me to act so quickly on an idea, a calling but I’m so glad I did as it’s like a forgotten part of me has come alive. After the sweet pea, came a fern leaf and then a lot of exploring in different mediums like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Currently my creative tools of choice are pens and notebooks which I carry around in my bag. If I can fit my watercolour set in, well that’s going in too as it’s usually when I’m out n about that inspiration taps me on the shoulder. Recently, I’ve been having been fun painting outside as it gets me to leave behind all my inhibitions and just be there with my paintbrush and paper. I also use my ipad pro which I’ve fallen head over heels in love with to bring my sketches to life on screen.

Painting outside around Chiang Mai

Right now..

I’m sat in a cafe in Chiang Mai writing this. A few months ago I sold most of my stuff, packed the rest away and flew over here for a new sense of perspective and adventure. Just like most things, it’s been hard but fun… I also believe anything worth doing can be rather unsettling. I’m about to head to Europe for a new season in this adventure, come follow along over on Insta.

I’m currently writing and illustrating a book about being a florist which I’m very excited about releasing into the world and taking on client illustration commissions. Enquiries here please.

And lastly, my greatest belief is this >>

Line drawing of the creative path