Katie Laura Ashton

Yes I do freelance..

Here’s a quick run down-

It all began in 2007. When I signed up for college and got a full time job at my local flower shop. I worked my buns off for my distinction grade in both National Certificate Floristry Level 2 & 3. I worked full time for a few different flower shops which is where I gained a lot of experience in floristry retail, events and how to work fast and fabulously.(-yes that does make sense) I then set up my own floral design business 3 years ago and have worked with 100’s of wedding clients since.

Wiring Sweet William floral crown

Variety, community and creativity are everything. That’s why over the last year or so I’ve been freelancing with fellow floral designers as and when they need extra floristry hands for the holidays and over mega wedding weekends. I get a real kick out of working with fellow creatives who strive to innovate and create mind blowing floral designs. I love being a part of this creative community.

Florists I've freelanced for so far..

Leafy Couture

Okishima & Simmonds

Forage & Blossom

Wild Floral Couture

My Floral Style

Is inspired by wildflowers growing in obscure places and little keepsakes foraged from the woods, like acorns, lichen covered branches (my faves) and bark. My personal floral style is rich with texture, foliage abundant and an exploration of light and dark with an earthy undertone. However, I can’t help but be inspired and adapt to the evolving colours and flowers of the season. My underrated skill, some may argue the most vital of all, is that I can work in a shit tip, on my lap or out of the back of a van under serious pressure… I can also whip up a floral arch in the pouring rain on wonky ladders… these skills, I’ve acquired over time, no tuition fees paid.

Succulent cake flowers
Faith rose bouquet with scabious, eucalyptus and peonies
Floral heart of winter flowers and eucalyptus
Purple table cascade with hydrangea and clematis

I can work for you but I have a few conditions..

1. Chocolate

2. Tea …

3. In a clean cup

Freelancing at Leafy Couture