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Autumn Comforts Illustration




Really when you actually think about it, Autumn is a tough time of year. Everything retreats for the upcoming period of dormancy. The mornings are dark and the nights draw in earlier & earlier, we all know what’s coming..

YET there are lots of things in Autumn that make life so beautifully bitter sweet. Nostalgia is in the air and the sense of relief that summer is in fact over and it’s time to wrap up warm, feed ourselves with warm carby food and curl up with a good book. Questioning whether we made the most of summer? Whether we took the time to really appreciate the warmth on our skin and went on enough summer evening walks? When we’re freezing our arses off in the depths of winter.. no it’s never enough!

Anyway here are some things I enjoy most about this time of year. I posted this on instagram a few days ago and someone asked if there’s one of these for every season- no not right now but it’s been added to the list. Thank you.


You can buy this as a printable download from my etsy shop here. 

Journal Life Outside the Studio My Sketchbook

Things I did at lunch today..

Sketchbook illustration of things I did today

I took myself out for lunch today.. an outdoor lunch right near where I used to live. And it brought about memories and highlighted how I’ve changed over the last year. Life’s funny, we’re always changing as time passes. And also I’ve been feeling like I need to let the fuck go and live out my belief that what will be will be. And as I walked through the woods I felt exactly that while thinking about sweet fuck all but what my senses were telling me- the noise of quiet, smell of pine, warmth from the autumn air and the too many layers I was wearing and so much wild beauty 🙏🏻 my eyes didn’t want to miss a thing by blinking.

And this stem of honesty I foraged. There were several stems but I took just one. So fucking beautiful isn’t she??

Foraged stem of dried honesty

Client Work Flowers Illustration

Floral Illustrations for FioreUrbano

Nadia & Roberta of FioreUrbano recently commissioned me to create 2 illustration postcards for their new flower company in Milan.

Their new flowery venture is a subscription service for seasonal bouquets delivered by bicycle around the city of Milan. Nadia & Roberta personally select their flowers & foliage from flower farms on the outskirts of Milan and hand craft the bouquets for their clients.

But before I picked up my pencil & started drawing, we had a long chat on Skype so we could get to know each other and talk in depth about the ethos of their company, their aesthetic and mood, and overall purpose and message they wanted the illustrations to convey.

I wrote a few notes-

– 1 gift card illustration- floral, leafy and colourful, decorative piece of art, for keepsake, to be part of the gift.

– 1 promo card- mini story board illustration- neutral with a hint of colour, portraying the organic process of flower farm to clients table (involving bicycle delivery!) To explain the story of what FioreUrbano does and their passion for bringing seasonal flowers back into everyday life.

Flowers, Words & Phrases :

‘Rhythm of nature’

‘From flower farm to table’

‘The act of caring for flowers, for nature’

‘A piece of nature on your table’

‘Flowers for everyday life’

‘Taking time out for the art of arranging flowers’

‘My gift to you is a hint of nature’

Delivered by bicycle

Locally grown flowers around Milano

Simplicity & affordable flower subscription

Wild Summer






Fountain grass


Beech Leaves


Alium siculum




And I created this little image board with some of the pictures Roberta & Nadia sent me for inspiration and insight into their floral style.



Then I started sketching-

 Initial illustration sketches for client

Gift Card

 I drafted the gift postcard illustration on my ipad first but I decided it’d be best to create with ink and watercolours to achieve the texture and depth for the ‘piece of art’ keepsake for their customers.





Here’s the original painting..


Painted illustration of vase of flowers on table

Here’s the final piece after scanning and editing. (I use an Epson V370 scanner and Photoshop.)


Painted flower vase illustration


Promotion Card

The promo card.. well I got a little sketch happy with this one as you can see in my initial sketches! They needed to be a lot simpler for the story of FioreUrbano to be clear and the actual illustrations to fit on the small print surface of a postcard. So I had to strip the drawings back a lot but I wonder if thats the best way for me to work? (To create chaotically and then tidy it up… starting out tidy doesn’t feel like a natural way of creating for me!)


Illustration sketch for floristry client

Flower Bike Illustration in progress…

Black line illustration of flower bike

Flower field patch..

Black line illustration of flower field patch

Line story illustration for flower company


Working on this project with Nadia & Roberta was so fun and rewarding. From our very first conversation I knew we clicked when they spoke words like ‘a piece of nature on the table’ ‘ my gift to you is a hint of nature’. It’s so lovely to be work with someone who you have a shared passion for flowers and nature. It was really exciting to have been chosen to help Nadia & Roberta tell their purpose and process through a story of visuals. I’m so excited to see their new company grow and bloom 🌸

If you’d like to support Nadia & Roberta I recommend you follow their journey on instagram.



Illustration Journal My Sketchbook

From inside out

From inside out self care sketchbook illustration


Yeah I’m not going to keep waiting for the outside world to make me feel better or for permission to be happy and create freely. I’ll be waiting forever. A large portion of our world operates on trying to sell the idea that we’re not enough, and the darkness, the hurt that we often feel isn’t right and we need to fix it by buying more and conforming more. Bullshit.. there’s already enough bullshit out there.

A huge part of our purpose is to be our human selves with all the light & dark included (that involves feeling rather fucked up at times). And the other part is to connect with each other.

Let’s let our truth radiate out in to the world. It just isn’t going to happen any other way.  End of.

Illustration Journal My Sketchbook

Orange Things Observed

I wanna be myself here. And you know what I like to do a lot? Wander and observe. In fact I think noticing is an art form. Today on my short wander I noticed a couple of orange things and then decided to play a game of how many more orange things I could spot on my way home. Although many were man made there were scatterings of dried orange leaves all around.. I think the season is turning guys or that’s how it feels this week. There’s rumblings of another heat wave? Anyway it’s a fun game, try it with any colour you desire to spot on your wanderings.


Illustration sketchbook page of orange things observed



Illustration sketchbook page of orange things observed



Illustration sketchbook page of orange things observed